Speakers include:


Friday: Yusef Salaam:     Using the pain of the Central Park Jogger Case as a ladder to climb out of the abyss of despair, Dr. Yusef Salaam discusses how he turned tragedy into triumph. During this Keynote he will present how he didn’t allow a devastating situation to turn him into a monster, but like an alchemist he used life’s lemons and made lemonade. It is said, when life knocks you down, try to land on your back…because if you can look up you can get up.


Saturday: Dr. Jacqueline Battalora: Her research explores when, where, how, and why the human category “white” was first asserted in law. The intersection of class and gender are revealed as integral to the invention of human separation that by the 20th Century is reasoned to be “race.” The legal history exposes race as a construct and reveals a mindset that is foundational to the United States shaping every institution, workplace, and community. The information is particularly valuable for providing a historical foundation that is essential for anyone engaging in antiracism anti-bias work today whether that effort is on an individual or organizational basis.


Saturday:  Dr. Barbara J. Love:  is an exciting speaker, presenter, consultant and writer on multicultural organizational development. Dr. Love is Professor Emerti of Social Justice Education at the University of Massachusetts­ Amherst. She consults with faculties and administration at colleges and universities throughout the U.S., Europe the Caribbean and Africa and with a variety of other organizations on issues of diversity and inclusion. 

Keynote Workshops  (all are on Saturday):

Presenter: Yusef Salaam: Lies. Crime. Prison. Forgiveness. Love. 

What happened in the Central Park Jogger Case? Are you angry? What was the hardest thing? How was your family affected? Where are the people who put you in jail? Building from his keynote, Dr. Yusef Salaam will speak honestly and courageously about how he turned tragedy into triumph.  Be ready for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but!


Presenter :Jacqueline BattaloraStructural Racism – History and Present

This session explores founding U.S. law that conferred unearned advantage and disadvantage ensuring that lives of people would be dramatically different depending upon whether they were seen as white or not. The material exposes the roots of white = American equation and the importance of capturing the working of whiteness in historical inquiries.

Presenter: Dr. Barbara Love: Enacting Liberatory Consciousness: Strategies for Transforming White Privilege





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