WPS- Workshop Sessions

WS 1: 10:30 am

  1. Eddie Moore, Jr.The Guide for White Women Who Teach Black Boys
  2. Barbara LoveEnacting Liberatory Consciousness: Strategies for Transforming White Privilege
  3. Joanie Parker – Bridging the Divide: Looking at the Effects of Class and Race in our Activist Work
  4. Carlos Marin- Road to Racial Justice Board Game
  5. Amer AhmedIslamophobia at the Intersection: How Racism, Immigration and Christian Hegemony converge to create opportunities for Coalitions
  6. Michelle ChalmersCompletely Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack: The Liabilities of White Privilege How White Privilege Hurts White Peopl
  7. True-See AllahImplicit Bias/What is Diversity?
  8. Frederick W. Gooding, Jr. You Mean, There’s RACE in My Movie? Using Pop Culture to Understand Privilege

WS 2: 1:00 pm

  1. Jacqueline BattaloraStructural Racism – History and Present
  2. Chuck CollinsClosing the Racial Wealth Divide
  3. Claudia A. Fox Tree (Arawak) – Whose History Matters? A Reflection on First Nations Stereotypes and Myths
  4. Jenna Chandler-WardMoving from Awareness to Action to Create Equitable Education
  5. Janelle Ridley, Cris Gilmore, Alize Gilmore & Nancy Garcia – Who Do You Say I Am? Understanding System-Involved Youth
  6. Afrika Afeni Mills How Do We Respond?: Navigating and Confronting White Privilege
  7. Stephanie LoganDealing with Racist and Other Inappropriate Comments in the Classroom
  8. Jennifer Harris & Maria Vazquez- Understanding Implicit Bias

WS 3: 2:30 pm

  1. Eddie Moore, Jr.& Frederick W. Gooding, Jr.Unpacking the N!gga(er) Word: Is There a Message in The Madness?
  2. Yusef Salaam Crime. Prison. Forgiveness. Love
  3. Dan Zanes & Mike Feldstein- Constructive White Conversations
  4. Paul Kelly- A Black Poet’s View of White (and Black): Gwendolyn Brooks
  5. Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban & Hannah Resseger- Ten Reasons Why America Can’t Talk about Race
  6. yusef Hayes- Understanding Liberal Islamophobia
  7. Debby Irving  – Leveling the Playing Field – Interrupting Patterns of Privilege
  8. David Houle- Race Awareness From Early Childhood to Present and the Effects of White Privilege


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